2017 Season

November 18 & 19 - Gift Shop Open House 8am - 5pm

November 24 thru December 24 - Tree Farm and Gift Shop open daily 9am - 7pm

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Family Fun Activities

  • Children’s Gingerbread Playhouse
  • Complimentary hot beverages – weekends only
  • Local fund raisers offering food – weekends only

Services offered

  • Tree shaking
    • Removes all dirt and loose needles from tree
  • Tree baling
    • Easier transport and installment into home
    • $2.00 fee/tree
  • Tree delivery
    • Deliver to Green Bay and NE Wisconsin
    • Minimum charge $25 plus mileage
  • 2,000 ft of indoor space
  • Additional parking




Enjoy the family tradition and cut your own Christmas tree.

Select from hundreds of Christmas trees neatly planted in 70 acres of rolling hills. You may select a Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Black Hill Spruce. Each species provides a uniqueness to fit your family’s needs. Our fields are groomed all year for easy access without the hassle of weeds or tall grass.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir

Black Hills Spruce

Black Hills Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce


Named Trees

Price Tags

Meet Fred, Bob, Sam, and Sally. Yes! All of our trees are named. Each tree in the field is individually, tagged, priced, named, measured (height on tag plus or minus 3”), and color coordinated. The color coordination is sorted by species of trees. Red = Fraser, White = Balsam, Blue = Spruce, and Yellow = Pine. This is a tradition that families cherish as they go and seek a perfect tree with a relative, or friends name and pave a path for a great story. (Note- pictured tags are representation and don’t reflect the same information from year to year.)


Pre-Cut Trees

For your convenience, we have precut Fraser and Balsam Firs displayed in our 60’x60’ indoor arena. These trees, transported from Tammy Aissen’s parents’ farm (Hess Tree Farm) in Wisconsin Rapids are under constant care of irrigation and weed control. Hess Tree Farm has been in the Christmas tree industry for over 50 years showing their dedication for quality. These trees are cut, baled, and shipped to our farm as we need them to ensure that the trees are fresh. We are open until 7:00pm daily as the arena is well lit at night to provide ease for shopping.

Pre-Cut Trees
Pre-Cut Trees
Pre-Cut Trees


Colored Trees